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Linocut Technique

Being a print designer, I have my favorite techniques to express myself. Linocut is one of the most fun ways to do it! To describe it, linoleum block printing involves carving a design onto a layer of linoleum mounted on wood. What is left on relief is inked and printed.

My little story. To begin with, when I was a child my dear auntie Ruta was working in the local art school as a teacher in small town Druskininkai located in Southern Lithuania. I remember during the summers she used to take me that school and it absolutely loved it! Remember like it was yesterday. Small corridors and classrooms, squeaky wooden floors. I used to sit quietly and look around, all you can see is student's artwork, finished..unfinished..sculptures, canvases with drying paint on it.. Smell of the paint floating in the air. One day I stumbled into this old vintage printing press and my auntie demonstrated how it works, it was very interesting and exciting. Since that moment I knew that one day I will get back to that what she called printmaking process. And many years later without any thought in my mind I started to carve linoleum, it turned into a hobby that relaxed me. Surprisingly, it allowed me to notice my passions and unfold into other opportunities, as I went with it. Here I display some of my illustrations.

Linocut black and white flower. Laima Joubert Prints

"Making illutstrations using this relief process it's so exciting, but off course it requires precision and planing. Sometimes happens unexpected, as you never know were carved line will take you. And results are fantastic!"

Butterfly. Linocut. Color was developed digitally. Laima Joubert Prints

Reflecting nature objects in my patterns is natural thing for me, as I do spend a lot of time there. So much inspiration around us. So grateful to be able to do this. My advice to you, try and experiment for yourself, it is great way to express yourself and.. good news anyone can do this! Printmaking is like being back to the childhood were everything is possible and time stops existing.

Floral. Linocut. Black ink. Laima Joubert Prints

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